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This Eheim external filters is high quality, very reliable and highly efficient. The Ehem 2215 external filter is suitable for fresh and marine water aquariums up to 350ltr. The Eheim cannister filter classic one-chamber design allows for the greatest flexibility in set up for mechanical, biological, chemical and adsorptive (carbon) filtration. Features include High operating pump output reliability, to protect against overheating. O-ring fixed on the pump head for convenient handling. Optimum choice of materials for years of quiet, continuous trouble-free operation. Pump output 620l/h Power consumption 15 W Dimensions approx. 185 x 370 mm

I bought the filter on the 3rd december for £53.00 so it is still under it 2 year guarantee. Is good as new and all fully cleaned and steralised ready for the new buyer.

I have decieded to get rid of the yellow bellied sliders and focus more on my leopard geckos. I no longer require the use of this filter.

Other bits Im also putting up for sale would be a internal filter and tropical water heater
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