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I'm selling my entire collection including all excesories and various bits and bobs.*
I want it to go as a whole please.*
If no one is interested then I'll put a new post up with individual prices ect.*

A. Versicolor 3rd instar sling
A. Sp. Guyana juvie
H. Maculata 2nd instar slings x3
P. Striata small SAF
P. Pederseni grown on sling
P. Formosa sling 2nd instar
P. Regalis AF (in pre moult) in exoterra 30x30x45.*
P. Fasciata AF (freshly moulted)
P. Subfusca LL AF (male in with her and 2 insertions seen, male is on loan but could arange to buy him)
P. Irminia juvie
P. Reduncus AF
P. Pulcher small saf
P. Cambridgei juvie
P. Launchenburgi 4th instar sling

X3 normal G.A.L.S (size of 50p) in enclosure

400 deli pots in various sizes unused
Arboreal glass tank*
Bits of decor and various tubs, pots, spider excesories (wood, plants, bowls) all in a massive rub*
Heat matts x5 ranging in sizes (1 is 4th long)*
I'll take £350 firm for the lot.*Or £200 and an AF P.Metalica in a nice glass tank.
No posting, no splitting.
Here is my number: 07581412039.
Please ring or txt to enquire instead of posting on this thread or PMing me.
Thanks for looking
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