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Hi all

Once again I have a large surplus of nymphs of this fantastic stick insect species so am willing to let a few groups go at low low prices! They are easy to rear on a diet of bramble, oak and other common plant/tree species and get to an impressive size within a few months. The ones available are ALL third instar or larger and you will receive a mixed sex group of nymphs.

I am looking for £10 for a group of 20 nymphs or just £20 for a group of 50 nymphs, with postage options being £2 for 1st class or £5 for RMSD. They are available on a first paid for, first served basis! Remember that these are well grown on individuals, see photos for an idea of their current sizes.

N.B. there is one picture of just some of the nymphs and one of an adult male, I don't have any adults for sale at the moment - it is just there as a reference for anyone who doesn't already know the general size and appearance of how this species turns out!

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