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Thought I would open a post about an excellent feeding Royal Python!

Yes, you read it correctly a Royal Python who feeds well. No April Fool, not an oxymoron and no bigger boat needed.

Poppy a pinstripe and my sons snake is generally an excellent feeder. Normally takes every week without fail, except just before or after a shed. So I now give her a break after for a week and maybe before, depending if eyes have clouded or not.

Sunday mornings is jumbo mouse time. Firstly defrost the beauty in water and then dry it using my wife's hairdryer. The vibrations of the dryer must get her going and she is normally ready and waiting.

However, today was special. Straight away as soon as the switch on the dryer went on she was alert! So unlocked her terrarium and very quick head movements in "that reptile way". Got mouse ready and she was raised about 8-12 inches out of her terrarium before i could get the mouse anywhere near! Wow, very eager and hungry and a hell of a strike too.

Seriously a sweetheart when handled, a top predator when offered food!

Will be moving her to a viv shortly as she is now moving the furniture in her terrarium!

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