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Hi. I am selling a lot of gear, including planted vivariums. I keep dart frogs and and a number of reptiles, but I am downsizing a bit.

I am selling all my gear on Ebay, but if you want to buy any of it now, just let me know and i will take it off.

This planted vivarium has been set up for 2 years now. Plants are well established and soil has a mature ecosystem of invertebrates.

Plants include Bromeiads (3spp.) and devils ivy.

Natural wood also included.

If you want to see more picture see on Ebay: Exo-terra PLANTED Glass Reptile Amphibian Vivarium / Terrarium 30 x 30 x 45cm | eBay


Drainage layer of LECA (see photo) –Any excess water will collect in the drainage layer.

· Water can be drained from the viv, using the drainage pipe.

· Background has been covered with coco husk, and plants are growing on it.

· Top ventilation and front and front to maintain airflow, but retain humidity.

· Holes for both a thermostat and misting system.


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