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In September 2012 we are hoping to conduct the first ever traverse of the lost forest of Mt Mabu in Mozambique. It is the largest area of rainforest in Southern Africa which was only re-discovered in 2005 by scientists from Kew Gardens in London.

The scientists found there what they believed to be three new species of butterfly, a previously undiscovered adder snake. They also believe there is much more to be found within the forest as they only investigated a very small search area.

We are hoping to see lots of snakes, lizards and my favourite, the giant monitors!

The full story of what the scientists discovered there can be found here British team discovers lost Eden amid forgotten forest in Mozambique | Environment | The Observer.

When I lived in Mozambique I saw a lot of black mambas. Pretty docile things but we were living somewhere so remote I didnt fancy getting bitten by one!

Are there any other countries you lizard lovers would like to visit to see new and exciting types of lizard? :2thumb:
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