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Hi everyone
I have. Afreind on an American forum who is having problem with his female ghost boa. She's 3.5 years old and has had snakes for well over 10 yrs, he had them in great boaphile 5ft pvc vivs not tubs , he also owns, royal pythons, carpet python and various other corns so knows what he's doing.
His boa for the past 3 months is having a shed cycle every 2/3 weeks, she's eating the same but has a slightly pink belly,
He's had bloods and stool sample culture's done all came back negative, just slightly raised white blood mites either
He's spoken to a few breeders and one of them mentioned something he called rapid shed syndrome, not very well documented
Has anyone heard of this?
The vet advised that because of her age could be a hormone thing turning into breeding age etc, luckily she's eating really well and is 90% of the time in the warm her body is fighting something.
The vet advised he soak her regular with some electrolyte additives so he's been doing that for the past 2 weeks and he said some of the pink Ness on her belly has gone down
Just wondering what anyone's thoughts was or advise

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