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Hi, it pains me to be forced to give away one of my turtles, but due to downsizing and not having enough room for two tanks I have to give away my false map turtle to a good home.

I've had him for just over 7 years, and he weighs about 130g and measures at 106mm. His growth has slowed down considerably over the last year or two, so I wouldn't expect him to grow much further. He's active and healthy, quite shy but also fairly curious. He's mainly been on a diet of Reptomin and bloodworms, but will eat just about anything.

Here's an album with a few more pictures:

If you're interested, feel free to contact me for more details on here or [email protected]. I am based in Bracknell and Nottingham, so collection from these two would be preferable, however since I just want to make sure he has a good home I'm willing to discuss other alternatives.


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