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Hi Guys,

I suspect my Fire Bellied Newt has gone blind in one eye, and i'm just wanting to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

He's roughly about 9 years old, and has lived happily and has never had an issue with health, sometimes when he's stressed (moved house a few times) he'll come out of the water for a few days but other than that he's in the water.

I'm just a little worried that he won't hunt so well (and lets be honest newts are clumsy hunters as it is), he doesn't live by himself so i'm worried he might not get enough food.

Also, will his eye stay cloudy or will he eventually lose it?!

I'm not sure if i should should be worried or just accept he's now middle aged, and his health has peaked....

Can anyone help?

Sorry for the terrible photo, my boyfriend took it and the glass distorts the poor newt!
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