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Hi all,

I've only had my Fire Skinks for a few days so far, they'd already been fed on friday when we picked them up and we were advised to feed them again with some crix on sautrday evening.

Anyway, our first feed of crickets was unfortunatly a bit of a disaster down to two reasons. The first problem was the substrate, due to the Fire Skinks having a mix of peat & tree bark, the crickets quickly burried themselves under the substrate only to reappear every eveing when the lizards are sleeping.

The other problem is the vivarium itself, due to being glass with sliding doors, the damn crix quickly discovered they could drop down behind the substrate retaining glass & the right door. This became a huge pain in the backside as I had to open the right door & instantly grab the cricket befoe it could escape into the room, then after throwing it back in it'd be straight back there again :evil: Could it be an idea to get a large storage container to transfer the lizards & crickets into for feeding or will that cause unessarsary stress?

So after the non-eaten cricket saga we last night gave them their first feed of mealworms, I put a small bowl with four mealworms in the middle of the viv where the male quickly snapped up three of them. Took alot of tempting and effort before we eventually got the female to eat one(she's very nervy at the moment unlike the male).

Now, I've read before that for certain lizards the heads should first be cut off mealworms, does anyone know if this is also the case with Skinks? Also, is it unhealthy for them to eat over a certain amount per week? I was a bit concerned after the male ate three as they were pretty big mealies(not too big for them to manage though).

BTW, I have ordered some Nutrobal to dust the food with, unfortunatly they didn't stock any such product where I bought the lizards, although they do at least gut load the crickets themselves before selling so guess that saves me needing to do that at least. Should mealworms be gut loaded aswell BTW?

Ok, onto last question for now I think. I've read that high qaulity low fat dog food can also be introduced into Fire Skinks diets. It seems the pet shops here in Argentina do not sell canned dog food, but they do sell cat food in cans, could this be fed to my skinks with the same measure of choosing a premium & low fat food?

I'm going to finish by adding a photo of the vivarium so you can see what I mean about the sliding doors. I do have a uv starter unit on it's way so will be adding a 5% UVB tube as soon as it arrives(only set the viv up lsat friday night so it will be inproved alot over the next few weeks from what it is now).

So, plenty questions there but if anyone can answer just one or two then it should be helpful, the more answers I get of course the better. Not used to all this live feeding as I sued to be a Uromastyx keeper, alot easier where feeding was concerned :wink:

Thanks in advance!


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