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Need to clear some space for Christmas so am having to sell some of the lizards.

Beardies -

Angel, approx 4-5 months old, half german giant. Unsure on sex but will check and see if I can see anything. Quite skittish but feeds from hand.


Tito, approx 4 months old. Normal. Think its female but cant be guaranteed. Friendly and feeds from hand.


Together - £60

Both live together with another beardie but am undecided whether to sell the 3rd one or not as he is my favourite.
Would be nice for Angel and Tito to go together so people that can take the pair will be prioritised to individual sales.
Tito is in the first pic on my sig, the beardie on top. Angel is in the middle pic.

Yemen chameleon, approx 4-5 months old. Doesnt like handling. Healthy, eats, sheds and drinks well.


Male western collared lizard. Slowing down due to the cold weather. Undecided on his sale too so he may be pulled from the sale. Last pic in my sig.


There is a setup available with the collared, though its not the nicest so available for £15 extra.

Collection only from Bristol.
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