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Hey guys, got a few types of sling for sale. Thought id post it here too.

OBT (Pterinochilus murinus) 1.5 - 2cm £5

Great Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus marshalli) 1 - 1.5cm (might be bigger) £6

Venezuelan Sun Tiger (Psalmopoeus irminia) 3cm £6

Selenocosmia sp java £4

If you have any slings or baby scorps for sale, let me know as i might be interested in a swap. Interested a lot in pokies but will consider anything.

Postage is £3.50 1st class recorded at buyers risk or £6.50 RMSD

If your interested PM me
Photos at under 'spiderlings'

Also in the header is was ment to say 'for sale' if a mod can change it that would be great.

All the best
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