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I’ve been a member for a while but haven’t posted before so….hello J

I recently had a custom background fitted into a brand new vivarium for my bearded dragon at a local pet shop. The background is made from fibreglass and I was assured by the shop that it is totally safe. When the completed vivarium was returned to me I wasn’t totally happy with the finished look as it wasn’t anything like the pictures that I had shown to them with my ideas. However my issue isn’t with the finished look but with the safety of the materials used due to the very strong fumes coming from it. The shop advised me to keep the heat lamp on to speed up the 'curing' process and told me not to put my beardie in for a week. They assured me that the smell/fumes would be gone by then but it’s not over two weeks later and the smell is still as strong as ever and even more so when the heat lamp is on.

I've tried on number of occasions to get advice from the shop regarding the strong smell and my concerns over the safety of the materials and the details of specific resin used and they are totally ignoring my emails, calls, texts. The guy that did the work actually sent me a text telling me not to contact him anymore and that I’m being a ‘hindrance’. I think he has now blocked my number. Hardly good customer service after I paid them £100.

I have also noticed on my last visit that they don’t have any custom backgrounds in any of their reptile enclosures in the shop which also concerns me.

Obviously I haven’t put Stanley, my son’s bearded dragon, in the vivarium and he is being kept in my old vivarium on the floor of the conservatory (not ideal) even though I've spent over £300 on the new set up which is now sitting empty in my son's bedroom. My husband incorporated the new viv & cabinet set up into the fitted wardrobes so I’m really stuck as it’s not as simple as moving it and putting the old viv back in its place. My husband has now taken a job overseas so isn’t here to deal with furniture upheavals etc. and my son has Asperger’s syndrome and is now getting quite anxious that he can’t have his pet in his room with him.

So my question is really about the fibreglass safety and whether anyone knows if there is some kind of non-toxic sealant that would be safe to use that could coat the background and possibly stop the fumes. Otherwise I will have to rip the whole thing out as I will not risk the health of my pet. I’d be really grateful for any advice.

Thanks in advance.
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