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Hey all,

I need some advice. We have our Gus in a laguna pond tubwith a Blagdon all in one filter (they have annoying lights that wont turn off).

I just fed some salmon and as I put my fingertips in, i felt a tingly sensation on the tips. I thought maybe I had a cut or something and maybe it was a sting, but i tested with my pinkie (which in retrospect was a totally idiotic thing to do) and actually received a static shock through the finger leaving me numb.

I would have thought that i would be dead? Or at least poor Gus would be, so how water and electricity can mix to a low level is beyond me. Please be aware with Blagdons, ours is fairly new but not got the reciept so guarantee won't be met I guess,.

Can anyone recommend a good outdoor (pond) filter, not to expensive, powerful for a full sized 11" slider and that doesn't take up as much room as the Blagdon anyway? Maybe one that stands upright and filters through the side as opposed to the top?

Thanks in advance!
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