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I am selling the following animals and equipment, as i am emigrating in the coming weeks, and i can't take em with me! i am a professional breeder, and reptile consultant. All animals and equipment are well cared for and are in excellent health/condition. COME AND GET EM WHILE THERE ARE SOME LEFT!!!!!

1 male Makasaar reticulated python juvenile, beautiful snake, can be a little snappy but calming down well. Strikes lazily at times, but this is becoming a rarity. Will be a stunning adult. As nice as Bali’s for colouration. – 5FT plus. £110-00

Microclimate microprocessor day/night thermostats. £30-00 each, (These are £65-00 each retail).

ceramic heater – Exo terra/pearlco (250w – 100w) – £10-00 each (These are £24-50 each retail)

Ceramic bulb holders – £8-00 each, (These are £14-00 each retail)

Zoo med humidity/temp gauges £4-00 each, (These are £8-50 each retail) Some are unopened!!

All equipment can be posted upon request
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