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I am selling the following animals, as i am emigrating in the coming weeks, and i can't take em with me! i am a professional breeder, and reptile consultant. All of these animals are well cared for and are in excellent health. These are the final prices – they will not drop in price further!!

1 pair Dumerils Boas - Come with CITES certs. etc. Proven breeders. Female is Bob Clarke black and white and male is normal phase. £500-00 pair

1 male Royal Pythons 3.5 yrs.. ready to breed next season £70-00

1 male Makasaar reticulated python juvenile, beautiful snake, snappy but calming down well. Will be a stunning adult. Nicer than Bali’s. – 4FT plus. £120-00

Breeding pair of yellow anacondas, Stunning snakes, good temperaments. Will produce great babies next year Both are 9Ft approx, and very fat! £220-00

1 pair Sorong Green Tree Pythons. Stunning animals!! Ready to breed next year £1,050-00

1 pair juvenile Indonesian water monitors £120-00

childrens python, adult female, proven breeder, £80-00

2 sub adult boa constrictors, ready to breed next year. Stunning snakes, not probed but should be a pair. These animals are best i have bred over past four years. They are both stunning £150-00

Pair of hatch juvenile Brazilian Rainbow boas. £260-00

1 Juvenile cat-eyed snake – Hatch. £100-00

Hatchling Dumerils boas, all high pink, all with certificates £85-00 each a bargain!!! £150 for a pair

Mature female chilie rose tarantulas, all proven breeders £15-00 each

Juvenile pink toe tarantulas £15-00 each

6 3Ft vivariums £50-00 each – Comes complete with heat cage and assembly

6 6Ft vivariums £70-00 each - Comes complete with heat cage and assembly

16 Microclimate microprocessor day/night thermostats. (May be another 10). £35-00 each

15 ceramic heater – Exo terra/pearlco – £12-00 each

15 Ceramic bulb holders – £8-00 each

20 exo terra humidity/temp gauges £5-00 each

Huge fast freeze freezer with over £700-00 (Retail) frozen rodents and chicks. £300-00 (Cheaper than wholesale prices!!) I will split this item, but discount will only be given for bulk buys.

Various other items including heatmats, viv furnishings, digital thermometers, etc.
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