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Hey all,

I have only ever owned 1 orchid mantis previous to my current collection. Unfortunately the little fella mismolted.

About 6 months ago I bought a bunch of new mantids to get back into the hobby. I researched different species and ended up with:

Phyllocrania paradoxa x6
Sphodromantis sp x3
Creobroter nebulosa x1

A few have since passed :( (3x Phyllocrania paradoxa, 1x Sphodromantis sp).


Last night I noticed the largest ghost was in the process of the craziest molt I have ever seen.

Here are some pics, sorry for the bad quality, lighting was bad.

When I first got the ghosts:

3 days pre adult molt

mid adult molt

post adult molt (all along I thought it was a she, but now i'm not so sure)

The african mantids:



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Looks Female to me, any better pictures in the light?
Male Phyllocrania paradoxa are alot more slender in comparison to the Female plus have alot longer antennae.

Good job though Ghost mantids are awesome I have had a few green Adult Females before,
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