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Heat mats are ok, but what you've gone for is better. They do need UVb so well done on that. Some stats you can program a night time drop, though many leopard geckos will do fine without this. If you do I'd drop the hot spot down to ~24C, and then ~31C during the day.

You don't need to record humidity for them.

Temperature yes, but make sure you get a digital one, or even better an infrared temp gun. Any dial ones please just throw away.

Further tips:
Give them as much cover as possible, the more you give them the more secure they will feel and the more you will see them. Bits of cork bark work well as cover between hides.
Don't feed them mealworms as they aren't very nutritionally viable. Offer Crickets or Locusts. Leos love locusts and many don't offer them. I use to feed all the adult leos 5th hoppers.
Humid hide is important, just a tub full of coir.
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