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here is a list of fish we have for sale
blind cave fish £1.50 each
tiger barbs £3 each
2 gold algea eaters ones about 7 inches other is about 5 £10 each
young golden angels £2.25 each about size of a ten pence piece
Herichthys Tamasopensis £3.50 each
Convict young 1.5 inches and up 50p each
german blue rams male female pair £10 the pair
yellow lab malawis about 1+ inches £2 each
electric blue rams 3 2 females and a male stunning fish £40 for all 3
Key hole rams £5 each
adult guppies £1.25
large honey gourami 4'' £6
large pleco £5
Albino Buenos Aires Tetra lrg £3 each
black neon tetras £1 each
head and tail light tetras £1.25 each.
2 gold severums lrg £20 the pair
2 green spotted puffer fish £15 the pair
convict adults breeding pairs £10 a pair (proven pairs)

<H6 class=uiStreamMessage data-ft='{"type":1}'><H6 class=uiStreamMessage data-ft='{"type":1}'><H6 class=uiStreamMessage data-ft='{"type":1}'>Breeding pair of discus with full set up including jewel 190 corner in beech excellent condition fluval 305 external filter heater lights so live plants and stones the discus are pigeon bloods excellent condition very active and happy male is around 7" he is a big boy female is around 5.5" laying eggs every 10 days kept in ro water @ ph 6.5 delivery available within so postcodes for free with all the water I will even set it up for you I have some food for them aswell both are eating very well on blood worm brine shrimp and dried food will be very sad to see them go but I need the space £550 Ono

collection from southampton

photos can be added if interested in anything


398 Posts
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discus and set up 340
guppies 75p each adult males
convict young 25p each
jewel young 1.50 each
bolvain rams £3 each
young gold angels £2.25 each
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