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got a juwel vison internal box filter for the vison 450L so is a good internal filter and can be used on any tanks £20

got a double outlet air pump fully working like new and allso a single outlet air pump both with air tubing £15

got 1 fluval internal filter with spare parts and one elite stingray filter £20 the pair

allso got light starters aswell and some 4ft tubes

allso got 2 skulls to go inside fish tank and a cave and 2 moss balls £35

allso got a bucket full to the top with gravel £10

box of filter wall hardley used large and small magnet glass cleaners and a hand cleaner 2 bottles of tap safe hardley used 4 different size nets and 10or more fish bags and large tub of cichlid food harley used £20

would swap all of the above for snake and viv or other reptiles or reptile bits n bobs thanks


thank you
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