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Hi :)

I have a 12 year old desert iguana (I’ve had him for 10yrs) and experienced nothing like this before. It began swelling at the beginning of April followed by sneezing just after he came out of brumation. I took him straight to the vets and he was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and was given 7 antibiotic injections over the course of every three days. We also did a complete husbandry and diet check and everything’s fine in that department. After his last injection he didn’t improve so we took him in for X-rays. The only abnormality that showed was fluid on his lungs (nothing wrong with his throat) He’s been put back onto a course of antibiotics and is due his second 4th injection on Thursday.

Just wondering if the swelling is purely down to the fluid or if anyone has been through this/has any other ideas.

I’ve attached pictures :) Thanks!


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