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Flying Gecko (P.Kuhli) Breeding Project for sale! £250
Selling due to cutting back and focusing on other projects!
The group has taken 2 years to get together and includes:
1 W.C Male - Unproven but very active
1 C.F Male - Proven
1 C.F Female - Proven
2 C.B Females - Both Currently Laying Eggs
1 CB Unsexed.
All currently housed individually.
Eating a Diet of Crickets, Roaches, Locusts and Waxworms as a treat.
They are a fantastic and rare species in captivity, Often all W.C, A lot of effort was put in to getting the individuals so would want to project to go to someone with knowledge of the species!

Animals only - £250

PM Me if you have questions.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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