I am leaving the UK imminently and cannot take my animals with me so I'm giving these tarantulas out for free.
  • 1 female Poecilotheria metallica (aka the blue Pokie) in a bioactive 20x20x30 Exo Terra glass tank. Legspan about 12-13cm.
  • 1 communcal group of Monocentropus balfouri (aka Socotra island blue baboon) in a 20x20x30 custom glass tank. (I started with 10 T's several years ago, last Jan rehome still 10 but can't guarantee as they usually hide and I rarely ever see all 10 out together). Size ranging from 10cm to a 7cm runt.
Both must go together. Why? I expect strong interest in the P. metallica and no interest in the M. balfouri but they all must go, unfortunately.

Collection in London only (3-minute walk from Lewisham train / DLR station).
If taking public transport, I recommend you have a helper or bring a box with you as carrying 1 terrestrial and 1 arboreal glass tank on each arm, with animals inside, is extremely awkward.

Sorry but no postage.