I am leaving the UK imminently and cannot take my animals with me so I'm giving my 1.5-year-old crestie out for free.
I'm pretty sure it's a male (big bulge at this age), with tail, which can't be taken for granted.

He's currently living in a temporary 30x30x30 bioactive Exo Terra tank.
Will come with multiple bottles of Repashy crestie food and a bottle of calcium supplement.

Collection in London only (3-minute walk from Lewisham train / DLR station).

If taking public transport, I recommend you have something to cover the tank (e.g. an old dark t-shirt will do) because the crestie can be stressed by the noise and sight.
Alternatively, if you don't want the tank, I can catch the crestie and place in a transport plastic box. However, no guarantee with the tail in this case ;).

Sorry but no postage.