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I have for sale a 2yr old female bearded dragon with vivarium in North Yorkshire at Thirsk, YO7 post code area.
The beardie has an excellent temperament and has never had any medical issues, she has very good eating patterns and has never had any problems shedding her skin when needed. She has no problems being handled and loves having her chin tickled, to which she quite often falls asleep to.
The vivarium is a privately made so is excellent quality. Dimensions are 4ft x 18inch x 18 inch, full British standard safety glass for the sliding doors. Acessorys are a UVB tube which has the correct starter plug pack(have seen some setups which run straight off the mains), ceramic heat lamp and reflective lamp shield, 4 food and water bowls, numerous sand stone basking rocks, vearious sanitised wood and in-viv decorations, and a thermometer. Also included is a locust/cricket box.
All items taken into consideration your looking at well over £300 for the full set up with out the beardie.
If you would like to see any photos of the viv up and running its on my profile under album title 'Yoshi'.
I will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about this listing.
Thank you, Pipster
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