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I live in Cardiff, S.Wales., and I have the following books for sale. They are used but in excellent condition. They amount to small library collection. I would prefer to sell as a job lot although I may consider selling the books in groups. They can be posted and I will honestly only charge for post n pack what royal mail charge me (unlike ebay sellers!). Some of the books are rare whilst one or two are very expensive to buy.
I can be contacted easiest by e-mail at [email protected] , or you could try and PM me on here or reply to this post.
Payment can be made through nochex or paypal. Payment by cheque can be made although this is a lengthy process. They can also be picked up in person.

the list of titles is below…….. and sorry it's a crappy photo.

  • Living snakes of the world. By sterling, written by John. M. Mehrtens 480pages, full colour photos on every page. Hard back. ‘the bible of snake keeping’. Has a rip on the outer paper dust cover.
  • Boas: rosy and ground: by walls. Full colour photos. 63 pages
  • Rat snakes: by walls. Full colour photos. 63 pages
  • Pythons and Boas: by Stafford. Hard back. 192 pages. Mostly colour photos.
  • Snakes as pets: by smith. Mostly colour photos. 154 pages. Hard back.
  • General care and maintenance of ball pythons. 32 pages. Black n white.
  • Amphibians and reptiles. By hamlyn. Hard back. 224 pages. Colour illustrations.
  • Snakes around us: by Zai Whitaker. 63 pages. Black n white with photos.
  • Rat snakes: a hobbyists guide to elphe and kin. By TFH. Full colour photos. Hard back. 208 pages.
  • Dangerous snakes of Australia: hardback. Colour and black n white photos. 208 pages. ‘a fascinating insight into venoms and anti venoms among other topics and natural history’.
  • Men and Snakes: by Desmond Morris. ‘a classic book by the famous naturalist’. Inc. black n white photos and illustrations. 174 pages, small paper back.
  • Snakes: A natural history. By The British museum. Colour and black n white photos and illustrations. ‘all the ins n outs of the anatomy of snakes, learn all about how the Jacobson organ really works’. Hard back 118 pages.
  • Snake man: by Zai Whitaker. Hard back. 185 pages. ‘Real life stories of the famous herpetologist and naturalist, including insights and experiences of being bitten by cobras and the likes whilst out in the wild doing studies and conserving. A really enjoyable read’.
  • Pocket book on snakes, by Collins. This is just a small A-Z pocket book.
As you can probably tell, I enjoyed many many years of herpetology. But I no longer keep reptiles, and of course as time rolls on circumstances change, hence why I’m the selling this collection of books.
Postage via royal mail parcel service will be £11.00 inclusive of packaging. Of course this will be cheaper if the collection is split.
i am open to sensible offers, this includes for the job lot or for splitting the collection. If split there is a minimum of 7 books.
Thanks for reading,
Best Regards,
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