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Hi, I have for some things for sale that I wish to swap for reps or anything reptile related.

Firstly I have the contents of a complete darkroom for photography, this includes:
Vivitar VI Enlarger With 35mm Negative Holder
Focus Finder
Contact Printer
Safe Red Light
3 Small Developing Trays
3 Large Developing Trays
Couple Timers
Couple Tongs
3 different sized measuring cylinders
Patterson developing tank for developing the negatives.
This is a great setup that i have used sucessfully but have now gone digital.

Secondly I have a Minolta Dynax 5 35mm SLRwith a 28mm - 100mm lens and polariser filter.

Also Have a Toshiba 28" TV in black with a stand.

Finally Gears Of War for the Xbox 360. hardly played at all just not really my thing.

I am wanting to sell this or swap it for any reps or reptile equipt so make me an offer, or PM me an offer in cash or reps. I am located in Hampshire and can drop off for fuel within 50 miles form basingstoke.

Thanks for looking.

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Why the tv? what's it done to you? :?
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