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I am selling this as my ferret and polecat now have a new larger home, and i want to get me some frogs, lol
so looking at around £20, can collect or you arrange courier(i have a box to pack it in). measurements of cage are 36cm high, 44cm wide and 70cm long,
The mesh is aprox 2cm square, The tray is 7 cm deep and its weight is 5.2 kg(this should help with courier)

here is the description where i got it from
Designed for ferrets and excellent for rats and chinchillas. This all metal cage has no plastic parts, so chewing will not be a problem. Access is by the top which is hinged. The cage is a two tier cage. The tray is 7 cm deep. Weight 5.2 kg

The dimensions are 36cm high, 44cm wide and 70cm long, which is ideal for a single animal for short periods and for quarantining or convalescing.

The cage is constructed from metal throughout including the base. The mesh is aprox 2cm square. The floor and upper tier are made from 1.25cm mesh allowing droppings to fall through to the metal base. The floor lifts out for easy cleaning, and when removed the cage can be used for smaller animals.

was only used for 8 weeks at most.
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