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I've made a few posts and answered a few questions but never got around to introducing myself.

My name is Dave, I live in Nottighamshire. I'm a civil servant and have been for the last 5 years. I finally got around to returning to university a couple of years ago to study Animal Science and should hopefully be on a PhD next year.

I've kept, rescued and rehomed reptiles for a few years and have experience with the following:

Bearded Dragons, Collard Lizards, Dwarf Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Green Iguanas, Pygmy Chameleons, Blue-Tongued Skinks, Water Dragons, Map Turtles, Corn/Rat snakes, several species of Tarantula, Red-Eyed tree frogs, and probably some other species I have forgotten to list.

I currently have:

2.0 Beard Dragon
1.0 Collared Lizard
1.0 Mississippi Map Turtle

And hope to get soon:

1.1 Monitor lizards (Freckled, Peacock, or Yellow Ackie, haven't quite decided yet!)

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wow, nice story
and welcome to the forum
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