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Hi All,

I have been informed by my parents that my old vivarium has been collecting dust in their house for far too long, so I thought I should try and find it a new home first rather than taking it straight to the tip.

Wood Shelving Gas Plywood Hardwood

Collection from the Wirral only.

The details:
Home made about 15-20 years ago but still in very good condition (and very well constructed in my humble opinion)
94x46x91cm (WxDxH)
Two separate levels
Top level has a heat lamp mount (accessed by lifting out the top as it is protected by a cage on the inside)
Also has a socket located on top which is useful if using a timer
Bottom level has a heat mat fitted (right hand side, cable exits through the back) and a batton style light
Overlapping sliding glass panes on both levels
One vent for each level on left hand side

As you can see there is also a bunch of random accessories still in it, which you would be more than welcome to have for free as well if anything takes your fancy.
These include such things as a smaller heat mat, water bowls, branches, bark hides, stones/slate.

If no one is interested in the next 2 weeks or so it will be taken the tip.
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