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FS: Canon EOS 7D body, mint & boxed, 14 months old, 7.5K clicks, £795 inc. shipping

ALSO advertised on Talk Photography™

Hi folks,

Anyway, I'm selling my EOS 7D body for the simple reason that I want to downsize to the 60D. Why you may ask? The 60D is lighter, and since I'm travelling more I need a lighter camera. I'm also going to Austria next year for a week of fun on the slopes so I don't want an exceedingly heavy camera in my backpack.

Now, down to business.

The body was purchased from Kerso (a very reputable dealer and known as Flash Camera on ebay) on Talk in September/October 2010 (I can't quite remember the exact date). It's in absolutely mint condition with no marks or scratches, the main LCD has always been protected by a glass GGS protector. The shutter is nice and clean, and I've had no problems with the camera. It has the latest v1.2.5 firmware installed. In all honesty, I've treated the camera like a baby and it's never been exposed to any inclement weather conditions.

There are however one or two tiny (and I mean absolutely microscopic) red/green 'hot/dead' pixels on the main display. I've tried to have these fixed under warranty however Canon would have none of it. This doesn't affect the camera though and you actually have to look very hard for them - I'm nitpicking really.

According to the file count I've made just over 7500 clicks. The body is boxed with all of the cables, charger, battery, instructions, documentation, strap, all of the little plastic objects that came with it and more or less everything else! :D

This is a U.S. EOS 7D however it comes with the US-UK power adaptor for the charger.

I'm asking for £795 inc RMSD delivery with additional insurance. I'm not interested in trades, unless you happen to have an unused, brand new and boxed Canon EOS 60D body plus £195 cash.. I also have four Sandisk Ultra 4GB 30MB/s CF cards with the plastic cases that I will gladly throw in for an extra £35. I will consider sensible offers.

Payment-wise, I will accept Paypal (either gift, or the buyer pays the fees) or cash sent by RMSD (note: I will not be held responsible for cash lost in the mail, cash is sent at your own risk!). I'm not currently able to accept BACS or cheque, unless by the grace of god Halifax finish processing my new bank account within the next two days.

Photos, special thanks to my lovely girlfriend! :D

Any white marks are just dust particles.

And also, just to illustrate the hot pixel(s) on the LCD, one of them is somewhere in that red circle. The other is nigh on impossible to find - they're absolutely tiny...



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