Hello here we have our list of royals that are for sale. I am open to offers the worst I can say is no. If any body requires more details please get in touch, I am free to answer any questions. If there isn’t a photo for the snake it’s because it’s in shed an will be uploaded once done so.

  1. Black back het lav male 454g £100
  2. Normal male 595g £40
  3. phantom ph hypo male 688g £100
  4. Black back het lav male 494g £100
  5. Banded banana male 516g £200
  6. Banded banana male 583g £200
  7. Phantom het hypo male 628g £100
  8. Black back ph hypo male 649g £100
  9. Enchi banded banana male 586g £300
  10. Green Mojave daddy male 1017g £200
  11. CF normal in shed male 492g £40
  12. Phantom pied het axanthic male 737g £400
  13. Pastel phantom pied male 837g £500
  14. Black head male 835g £100
  15. Phantom yellow belly male 1031g £150
  16. Banded banana male 915g £200
  17. Lavender albino male 1178g £240
  18. Butter daddy male 1163g £200
  19. African dinker male 813g £40
  20. Green Mojave male 980g £200
  21. Phantom pied male 1291g £400
  22. Axanthic phantom ph pied 717g £150
There are also a few African imports which I havnt got round to picturing an weighing yet but if interested please get in touch.