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I've just found another batch of eggs in my snails tank and i thought id try and sell them on here rather than stick them in the freezer to go to waste..

You can either buy these to keep as pets or to use as a livefood...But i will only be posting out eggs as i havent got the room to be stuck with a load of baby GAL's (unfortunately) .. I think theyve been in there for a couple of days as i was away at the weekend and only just had chance to do a complete check on my snails....

The basic care of GAL's if you choose to keep them as pets is a RUB big enough to accommodate can use a tank calculator found here ... The 'Rule of Thumb' Snail Calculator Beta Version 0.9.2

They can eat a variety of foods..My snails favourites are...cucumber,carrot,tomato,lettuce and spring greens.. They also need a form of calcium, which can be pure calcium sprinkled on their food or in the form of a cuttlefish that you use for birds..

You can have as many as you want for £2.50 a tub, that will cover the cost of postage...

Really need to have any orders within 72 hours as they will need to go in the freezer pretty soonish otherwise..
I cannot guarantee that all of the eggs will hatch
Payment via Paypal ONLY.PM for Paypal info​
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