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Heya Guys I have some cinema posters here. They are all in very good condition bar a little scuffing on a couple. All apart from the Shrek/Donkey and Ninja Assassin are all quad sized.

Knight and Day £5

(40"x 30")

Brooklyns Finest £5

(40"x 30")

The Killers £5

(40"x 30")

Paranormal Activity £5

(40"x 30")

Harry Brown £5

(40"x 30")

Ninja Assasin £5

(27" x 40")

Due to their popularity these are a bit more at £10 each
Robin Hood

Sherlock Holmes

Saw 6

The next one is a full sized Cinema Banner. It is HUGE!!! Over 8ft long
and 4ft wide. Its made of proper thick material too, its not paper.
On one side is shrek

and on the other side

This amazing banner is £25
It can be delivered but at buyers risk of damage.

Will do a deal if you buy more than one :)

Thanks guys
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