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As above. I got her at the Kempton show, and for the first month or so she was great - active and eating like a tiny pig. Then her appetite started to go off a bit; I offered her a couple of flies about a week ago, and she had one and ignored the other, which I removed so it didn't bug her (pun intended).

I'm not unduly concerned about her yet, as she's still reacting to what's going on around her, and she's still got a plump abdomen, but I had to remove the fly I tried her with last weekend as it was literally climbing over her and she was just shaking it off. I've just tried offering her a tiny cricket in the tweezers, and she made flicking "get that thing away from me!" motions; when I tried removing its head and offering her the soggy end :sick: she just moved away from it. As you would...

I assume she's coming up for a moult and taking her time about it, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful. She's at warm room temperature in a converted sweet jar with a netting roof and twigs, and at the moment I'm giving her a light spray once a day (bottled water) in case she is about to moult.
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