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To whom it may concern – please forward to all interested parties / post to all relevant lists and message boards:


This morning the Today Show aired a segment on the county-mandated extermination (capture and freezing) of black spiny-tail iguanas (Ctenosaura similis) on Gasparilla Island in Florida. Iguana Busters is a private company which is live-trapping the iguanas and has them available for adoption / rescue / sale right now as an alternative to euthanasia by freezing. Every iguana adopted will not be killed as long as they can be adopted out on the day of capture. New individuals are arriving daily. Anybody can apply – we are especially looking for pet wholesalers and exporters as well as private individuals. There are hundreds available for the cost of shipping. FWC and USFWS have been notified and are fully cooperating. Shipping methods have been established. Theses are healthy very high-quality Ctenosaura similis of all sizes and ages. Please contact Iguana Busters at their website

Every iguana that can be adopted / sold will not have to be killed by the end of the day. Please help!

Susanne Kynast [email protected]


A lot of you were appalled by the iguanas being stuffed into freezers on the Today Show. Here is a critical update on the issue:

There are approximately 10,000 Black spiny-tailed iguanas Ctenosaura similis on Gasparilla island. They are invasive there and the residents want them gone or at least their numbers dramatically reduced. Like any invasive species they cause damage to native species, with probably the biggest issue being sea turtles. When the ordinance change exempting iguanas from protection came into effect, island residents started a free-for-all iguana killing spree with horrible consequences. Iguana Busters is a company attempting to help by removing iguanas professionally. Iguana Busters does not want to kill the iguanas if there is another option. They are willing to create holding facilities for adoption, and ship iguanas to new owners. What we need are people willing to organize an adoption campaign and reptile keepers willing to adopt. Most importantly we need anyone interested in relocating those animals back into their native range. THE KEY PROBLEM IS THAT LEE COUNTY IS ACCEPTING BIDS FOR A CONTRACT TO KILL ALL IGUANAS ON THE ISLAND. THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LIVE SOLUTIONS AND ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT CRUELTY. Iguana Busters was considering bidding on the county contract but they are not interested in the whole-scale killing of the iguanas. Iguana Busters does NOT need your comments on humane euthanasia. In order to save the iguanas of Gasparilla island you need to protest to Elizabeth Walker at [email protected] who is the public resources manager in charge of the iguana issue and who believes that killing them by any means is the only right thing to do. Copy your protests to Scott Trebatoski at [email protected] who is the Director of Animal Services in Lee County and very receptive to a humane solution, the Lee County government at [email protected], and Bonnie McGee from the iguana committee on Gasparilla island at [email protected]. Send information on inhumane euthanasia as well as your opinion on relocation. I offered the pet trade, adoption, and relocation into their native range as options, but Elizabeth Walker was only interested in killing them. The company which wins the contract will be FORBIDDEN to allow any iguana off the island alive! It will be up to you to change her mind. They will be meeting on the extermination contract on Tuesday October 31. PLEASE make all your concerns known to them as quickly as possible. HERE IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY MAILING!! PLEASE HELP!

As far as Iguana Busters is concerned, they will adopt out! Inform yourself on this species and e-mail me at [email protected] with any help you can give. If YOU can find a place for those iguanas to go, they will not die. If YOU adopt one, it will live.

Please help and God bless!

Susanne Kynast
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