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Ok ive had george for a little over a month now and he's been a superstar, eating, bathing, pooping, cuddling etc.

Ive had a few problems with his temps, i had to9 change his bulb from 60W to 100W because his cool end would hit 75 at best. now ive changed bulb his temps are perfect! 102 basking and 85 cool end.

problem being that george seems not to appreciate the heat!! he would always sit under the heat before- his hot end has always been around 98-100 (with old bulb) now the cool end is 85 rather than 75 he stays down there.

He seems tired/lethargic alot and keeps trying to squeeze himself into corners and behind his logs- which then means i have to keep getting him out so he gets UV. he doesn still run around when i get him out and his eyes are clear. hes still eating but wont chase- hes always been lazy at getting his food so not too worried about that! he drinks water out of bath- always clean! and maybe twice a week. he does have water in viv but i dont give him everyday as it can affect their kidneys.

Im just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? i did have it down to his head shedding but thats done now and hes still grumpy, his back has started any ideas, let me know

Thanks :)
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