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Now the time is nearing for me to actually purchase Soup the beardie...
I am panicking a little as to where to get the fella from.

Nwo I do not want to spend over £ 50...This can be regrded as tight fisted or wanting a shoddy animal..But I have never purchased a pedigree anythign..mainly for health reaasons as they arent oft the best of health and have other associated probs..
This is poss nothe case with Reptiles but i just want a pet to love and learn from..

So on that
I am not sure where to turn for a beardie..I have seen some advertised near me( Kettering/corby) but how will i know from looking at them they are ok??!?
I guess missing bits n pieces isnt good...But is there anythign to look for it nhe eyes?Their scales? the smell? Toe colour...Or as a pretty responsible pet owner and environmentalist..I will just knwo if one is ok?
I am mainly worried about the MBD...Some forums peopel say..Ooooh look he has MBD..I cant tell at all!!!

Thee are some beardies on preloved near me..They look ok...
Just need bit of help and guidance really!!!

Thank you
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