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We have had Scruffles for a couple of years now, but with changes to work and other commitments we just dont have enough time to give her the attention she deserves.

Ideally we would like her to go to a family with kids. My wife was an Aupair when we go her and the kids always used to feed her (Which will be all day if you let her eat!). She is very active, squeaks when she thinks she is going to get a treat and isnt phased by the dog.

I have put the rehoming fee because we want her to go to the right family that will give her the love she deserves, not because she was free! :2thumb:

We live in Northampton, please PM me if you think you are able to give her a good home.



I also have a male Australian Water Dragon in a stunning custom built enclosure that I would also like to find a good home for if possible. PM me if interested...
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