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My poor lil' xenopus Mo died today :(

I'm gutted coz the same thing happened to him that happened to my other at the beginning of the summer. They were both really chubby, being fed bloodworms and brineshrimp, and then all of a sudden started losing weight. When I went home last week, fat Mo was a skinny little froggy. My OH said he had been puttin more food in so he got enough but he just wasnt eating. So I set up another tank and bought a new filter and heater and moved him into that (he was in the other tank with a couple of scissor tails, which was spotlessly clean) one it was ready. But it didn't seem to work.

Gutted, only had him about 12 months, and he was fine up until a few weeks ago. I'm thinkin they may have got something from the fish so my bad really.

RIP Mo :(
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