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Hi - this is really a question of electrical safety rather than one of husbandry.

I am currently using a 75 watt CHE, which has been providing good temps in my 3 foot ball python viv. It's hooked up to a 100 watt HabiStat Mat-Stat, which is just a standard on/off thermostat. I understand that some consider this solution will reduce the life of CHEs, but I've not had this issue. In reality, the thermostat never has to kill the power to the heater, as running uninterrupted happens to give the required temps. It's basically serving only as an emergency cut-out, rather than as a constant temperature control.

However, it's suddenly got really cold where I live, and I've noticed that in the day, when no one is in and the central heating is off, my viv temps have started to drop - so I need to up the wattage of my CHE. I am ordering a 300 watt pulse stat - but in the meantime, is it safe to put a 100 watt CHE on the 100 watt mat stat as a temporary measure?

It would seem it should be fine as the CHE doesn't exceed the rating of the stat, but I've read people on other forums saying they wouldn't use a CHE on an on-off stat at its maximum rating.

Advice appreciated!
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