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Cut the nose of a dead pink mouse and slit the its head open from the back and not all the wall to the nose, smear brain matter around the head of the pinkie. Increases the right odour

Wash the pinkie, reduces unwanted odours

Wash pink and rub with something that smells strongly. I use to use frozen lance fish.

If you still have the eggs from the clutch you can dip a washed pink into the the egg white (no idea why this works) Always good to keep a couple of the egg shells from the clutch in a freezer. I have heard of normal chicken egg whites being successful.

Remove water bowl for a day or two then add a soaked pink, occasionally works. Seems to trigger a feeding response when they try to drink the water from the pink.

Hibernate for a couple of weeks once all the egg yolk has been absorbed. Need a fridge to do so.

Force feed
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