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Hello everyone,

I'm Zushn, I'm 29, and I live Reims, France.

I apologize in advance for my bad English.

I am fascinated by reptiles - and especially snakes - since I was 8.

I like snakes in their natural state, and in its most classic form.

For several years I studied the history of reticulated pythons of the subspecies "jampeanus" and all its localities (Tanahjampea, Kayuadi, Madu, Kalaotoa, Karompa ...).

It is very difficult to get informations about this sub-specie in the nature (no pictures, for example), and also very difficult to know the proper traceability of specimens in captivity.

I registered here because I saw you had much informations about the genealogy of reticulated pythons, and beautiful pictures too.

In France, you have to get a special permission to be allowed to keep the reticulated python, which takes quite a long time (several years). So for now, I don't maintain it at my place.

Well, I hope we can discuss all in good humor, and learn things from each other.

See you soon! :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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