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thought it was time i finally registered for the forum as ive been browsing for a couple of months now.

I`m living in deepest darkest lincolnshire and reptile shops are at a minimum round here .

i currently own one young (got her 6 months ago) snow corn called kellogs and have been looking up on getting a couple of lizards (originally i was going to go for a pair of chameleons but after reading up on them and deciding although i have kellogs it may be best not to try chameleons until i have more lizard experiance , after reading up on various other lizards decided to get a couple of beardies) so i`m in the process of getting a beardie set up.

as i said above , just want to say hi and i hope all you people will be patient with all my silly newbie questions
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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