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Hello People, new user to the forum and after some advice please (be gentle!)

Last Christmas Santa brought my son a Californian King Snake, which seems to be doing fine, sheds well, active and handles well. At the moment, he's housed in an all glass 36" Viv which is heated by a large heat mat which I guess covers about 3/4 of the base of the viv (under the tank!) leaving one end and the front 3" or so of the tankunheated. Temp is kept at a pretty steady 28-30, controlled by a stat. Lighting is by a low wattage bulb (15w) which is used really just for viewing purposes. Now for the advice bit......

1) He stopped feeding for about 8weeks r so at the beginning of september (normally has 1 medium mouse a week), however he remained active and didn't appear to lose weight, and as i was at the 'do I/don't I' stage about taking him to the vet, he's started eating again, no problems (even while he wasn't eating, was still offering mice, just no interest shown). Is this type of behaviour normal?

2) Are the heating arrangements adequate? Should I be looking at a mat which covers a smaller area (still stat controlled)? Would a basking light benefit?

3) he likes to burrow, so increased the depth of the substrate to about 1 1/2" (bark chippings), however I've read that substrate should only be around 1/4" to 1/2" to prevent overheating? Also, would an 'astro turf' type substrate be better, with perhaps a couple of hides?

4) He's about a metre long, should I be looking at increasing the size of the viv?

There's a bit more to come (regarding a possible addition to his collection) but don't want to push my luck on the first post!

Thanks in advance
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