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Sorry to hear this. MBD is a terrible condition that is wholly avoidable if we understand and supply for the wild needs of any species.

You did the right thing getting an x-Ray. It, along with bloods is the only way to be sure,

I gave this free pod cast just last week on MBD for a reptile radio channel, and rather than blinding you for science with pages of text you may want to listen as I explain the condition and how to fight it.

Ep 55: MBD & UVB in Chameleons with John Courteney-Smith - Chameleon Breeder Podcast

Have a listen and let me know if you have any questions, if I can help I will

I will of course need to see that X-ray and have a list of all the equipment you use, the size of viv and how it is set up

Good luck!

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