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did not know what to call the thread but hear goes

i am building a stack of vivs have built two parts 1 for bearded dragon 48x24x20 w,d,h and 48x24x32 w,d,h for water dragon baby/juvenile

but to finish the stack i have space for 1 more small viv 48x24x14 w,d,h

but i dont have a clue what type of reps could use this would need to live in this size viv most of its life i could split the width making 2 24x24x14 w,d,h

any advice or info would be grate please no snakes tho thanks
What kinds of lizards do you like? Does it have to be handleable? Do you want just one or do you want several?

If I had that kind of viv I'd be looking at maybe an Ackie or a plated lizard personally :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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