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So ive had my horsefield tortoise, Duncan for around 1 month and a half, hes around a year and a half old now.

When i first got him, it took him a while to come out of his shell *excuse the pun* but then he was fine, running around my living room floor, eating out of my hand, having baths and cuddles.

For the past week or so, however, when i put my hands into his table to get his water/food dish out to change them, he has been running after my hand with his mouth open, literally RUNNING, looking annoyed!

He has bitten me twice, today and yesterday and im wondering what i am doing wrong?
I dont want to get him out if he will find it distressing now he is moody!

As far as i know he is very happy with his living conditions, i have set them up by the book! varied diet, something new every day

Thanks for the help!!
Lol sounds like a typical male tortoise, especially a horsfield.
You will find most med tortoises are actracted to fingers, and will try to bite, as they think the finger is food:0)
Males will also bonk anything in site, hands, feet, rocks they are not fussy:0)
He is also probably reacting to the sudden change in temps. If it warms up, they want to be out and about.
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