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Hi all,

As the title suggests I'm looking for help feeding my new Pytchozoon Kuhli. Had this little guy since Sunday, he's almost an adult and has been fed on CGD and crickets most of if not all of his life. He's currently in my planted viv and apart from not eating seems to be enjoying it, plenty of movement during the day and night. As far as I can tell he hasn't eaten any of either the phoenix worms or crickets I've put in his cage.
Am I simply being overworried and should wait until he settles in?
How long do you think it will take him?
I'm used to having new caledonia geckos that can be handled and hand fed, this wee guy is stressing me out!

I'm about to buy dubia roaches as I can monitor how many (if any!) he eats from the dish easier than having to try and count crickets...

Here are some pics of the wee guy.

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