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Hello! I need some advice. TL;DR at the bottom.

I am looking to build my own enclosure for a new pair of garter snakes I'm planning on getting, since most premade ones I have found are either boring/ugly or out of my price range (at least in one lump sum). I've found some pretty good building tutorials here and in general, and I'm pretty confident I can do it with enough time and the right thing to build it into.

Only issue is I'm having trouble finding the right furniture piece. Ideally, it would have a cabinet at the bottom that is deep enough to hold/hide a mini freezer (18+") for the snake's food, with a bookshelf type thing on top that I can use a section of for the enclosure/heating elements/lights. I just can't find anything like that that wouldn't be at least twice the amount a custom enclosure would be, but surely it has to exist right? Anyone else done something like this and have a recommendation or even a search term to try? I've looked at bookshelves, armoires, kitchen hutches, and the like with no success thus far.

TL;DR I want to find a large piece of furniture to fit an enclosure and food freezer, but can't find one in my price range. Recs?
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